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Fed up of a slow internet connection? Fed up of the line dropping? Can't receive an acceptable speed through your phone line? Failed promises from major providers about Fibre delivery dates?
We have the answer for you.
Unify Wireless

Broadband in Larches

So How does it work?

It’s a little bit technical but we will try and explain it. We purchase a large section of the Internet. Its known as un-contended and only Unify Wireless’s customers are using that section of the internet, this means that we keep a close eye on the data traffic using our network and we remain in full control at all times. We then send the signal from our local masts and relay stations all around Lancashire, We install a small dish onto your house that points at one of our local masts. This is known as FTTM (Fibre to the mast.) Now for the clever part, we then send your high speed Internet over the air and avoid using the old copper cables in the ground. BT has a product called “Infinity” this is good but its still only FTTC, which means Fibre to the cabinet (the green boxes in your street) from there it still uses the copper cable in the ground. A product is only as good as its weakest link.

Fibre to the Mast (FTTM).

We call the main technology powering Unify Wireless Fibre to the Mast (FTTM). This technology allows us to deliver lightning-fast wireless Internet straight to the mast and then onto you, our customers.


No line rental to pay!

The biggest benefit to our service is that there is no line rental to pay, we don’t use the copper wire that the ADSL broadband providers use. You wont lose your connection either if there is a problem in the cabinet on your road.

High Speed Home Broadband

Its time to say goodbye to slow connections and usage restrictions, and discover the world of online entertainment. Enjoy your favourite TV shows, download the latest music, when you want, play games and even enter the world of VOIP (internet phones) you can still have your phone and usually you can keep your number but you no longer need to pay the expensive line rental.

Home broadband packages from £24 per month including VAT

  • 10 Megabyte download
  • 5 Megabyte upload
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Free Wireless router

Student Packages available on a rolling contract to suit term times please contact us for more information.

Unify Phone

Please ask us about our latest phone packages.