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Fed up of a slow internet connection? Fed up of the line dropping? Can't receive an acceptable speed through your phone line? Failed promises from major providers about Fibre delivery dates?
We have the answer for you.
Unify Wireless

Wireless Broadband in Holme Slack

Over the years wireless broadband in Holme Slack has become more popular and with most homes having more ways of connecting to the internet than ever before from laptops to tablets, mobiles and even TV's having high speeds is important to most households. Wireless technology has developed over the last few years to become faster than ever making it easier for multiple people in one home/office to connect to the same wireless connection. With our high speed wireless broadband in Holme Slack gone are the days of having to wait for the irritating buffering circle to load the video you want to watch while other people in the house are trying to browse at the same time. With our wireless packages starting from a very affordable £24 you could have everyone in your home browsing in peace in no time. Some information on what is offered with out lowest cost pacages is below:

  • 10 Megabyte download
  • 5 Megabyte upload
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Free Wireless router

We offer the most up to date technology for our wireless broadband in Holme Slack meaning all our customers get the fastest speeds. We use fibre to the mast (FTTM) technology so you can be sure there is no break in quality from your home directly to the mast. If fibre is only used for part of the connection as it is with some companies there is almost no point having it at all. So, if you're tired of paying over the odds for a substandard service get in touch with our team today on 01772 286 359 and they will talk you through the various options we have available for you.